An Introduction to Hector’s Corner

I thought it would be a good idea to write an open letter about our company and repeat the exercise at the end of each year and possibly at intervals thought each year too.

I founded this company with a clear vision, to change the industry status quo for the better. This mainly revolves around our customer, instead of competitor, focus when designing and constructing each home.

But our company culture runs deeper than that. Our approach and attitude when dealing with everyone from front to back of house is consistent; we are transparent, open and honest with everyone we deal with.

I believe that as we grow it is important to not only stick to, but double down on our values. There are countless examples of companies who started out with meaningful goals and attitude, only to shift to soulless corporate machines when the scale started to bring financial pressure.

I mean no disrespect to these companies. It is no great surprise that continuing to choose long term reputation over short term profit gains can become more challenging when the gains on offer start getting more eye catching. As such, not every leader continues to make the right calls when steering a large ship as they did the dingey.

However, our values are so ingrained in our culture that I’m confident we will stay true. Nobody really works for anybody in our company, rather we are all working towards a shared goal, and I love that feeling.

As such, I believe that sharing the inside story of our operations over the course of each year will be another good step towards being fully transparent with our customers, suppliers and everybody else we do business with.

There will be no smoke and mirrors here. I will share our challenges just as openly as our successes as they are equal to, if not more influential than, how we grow and are judged.