Hurst & Hurst Estate’s short term land supply surpasses £15m for the first time.

A well reported and politically-induced challenging market is seeing a large portion of land and homeowners across the UK choosing to hold onto their assets instead of selling and buying new. All markets react badly to uncertainty and the property market has proven time and again to be no different.

Despite this added challenge, HHE has managed to meet its targets by continuing to add to its pipeline of deals across the short and longer term. The consistent supply of land is of particular importance due to the company’s recent expansion which has seen construction being brought mostly in-house.

27 year old Hector Hurst, who founded the luxury development company in late 2014, commented on the recent results: “Land is the life blood of development but you must be careful how you acquire it as it can also be your downfall. When markets are tough, buying the right sites at the right level gets harder but no less important. We’ve focused a lot of our efforts in this area, particularly for the long term, and I’m pleased we’re seeing the benefits”.